Chris Yoon

I am an undergrad at Columbia University studying Computer Science (graduating in 2024!). I will be joining Palantir Technologies as a Software Engineer following my graduation.

I care deeply about building robust and performant software systems. Towards this, I enjoy studying programming language theory, compilers, and operating systems, roughly in that order. Recently, I have also been reading about formal methods and verification.

My recent academic endeavors have been in programming languages (type systems, session types, and equality saturation); compilers (LLVM and MLIR hacking), and in operating systems (hypervisors and secure containerization). In the distant past I did some work in machine learning (geometric deep learning, reinforcement learning, and distributed training).

See here to read about some of my projects!


Palantir Technologies, Software Engineer Intern (2023 Fall)
I was primarily with the Gotham Data Modeling team, but also contributed to Foundry services as part of their unification/interoperability effort. I did backend engineering for their ontology services, which control how data is ingested, represented, and distributed to downstream services.

Virtu Financial, Software Engineer Intern (2023 Summer)
Virtu Financial is a High Frequency Trading firm. I was with the pre/post-trade infrastructure team, and did some work on low-level networking with Java and DB access control mechanisms.

Riot Games, Software Engineer Intern (2022 Summer)
Riot Games is an online game company behind League of Legends and Valorant. I was with the Live Operations Engineering Team, building tools to improve observability and infrastructure for service incident response.


I had the chance to take some really interesting courses at Columbia:
  • COMS 6998: Graduate Seminar on Programming Language Theory
  • COMS 6998: Graduate Seminar on Privacy Preserving Systems
  • COMS 6118: Graduate Seminar on Operating Systems
  • COMS 4115: Programming Languages and Translators (Compilers)
  • COMS 4118: Operating Systems
  • COMS 4119: Computer Networks
  • COMS 4995: Parallel Functional Programming (with Haskell)
  • MATH 4041 & 4042: Modern Algebra I&II (Abstract Algebra, Group Theory, Galois Theory)
  • MATH 4061: Real Analysis I
I have also had the opportunity to be a Teaching Assistant for:
  • COMS 4115: Programming Languages and Translators (Compilers) (Spring ‘24 Head TA)
  • COMS 4995: Parallel Functional Programming (with Haskell) (Fall ‘22)
  • COMS 4701: Artificial Intelligence (Spring ‘22, Summer ‘22, Spring ‘23 Head TA)
  • CSEE 3827: Fundamentals of Computer Systems (Spring ‘22, Fall ‘22, Spring ‘23)